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Carp Bait and Boilies

Discover our vast range of carp baits and boilies. Find everything you need for fishing carp and more with our huge range of fishing boilies and baits including pop-ups. Stick with your go-to or try something new from our massive range and variety of brands, flavours, and sizes. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to carp fishing having the right boilies for the right water conditions and fish is essential. Boilies and pop-ups are packed with attractants and other additives to attract the fish to the bait and ensure the best possible chances to land a catch. There are lots of different variations and flavours to choose from, so browse the range and decide on the best type for your fishing conditions.

What is a Boilie?

Boilies are made from a boiled paste which is usually created from fishmeals, milk proteins, bird foods, soya flour and more - this mixture is then combined with a binding agent such as egg whites. Finally, the mixture is boiled until hard and formed into round baits. As boilies are hard this enables them to sit in the water for extended periods of time, unlike other traditional baits and bread.

Why use Boilies?

Boilies also often have flavouring and attractants added into the mixture to then slowly release into the water and attract fish to them and therefore, your hook. As the boilies are round in shape this enables them to be thrown or catapulted to further areas where you may cast your hook. Boilies are available in a range of sizes to accommodate the fishing conditions and type of fish you're looking to catch from 8mm up to 20mm.

Are Boilies good for Carp?

Boilies are now one of the most popular carp baits. They're available in a huge range of colours and flavours and they work. they're versatile and suitable for a number of different conditions and the variety available means there are often boilies suitable for nearly any conditions.

With a wide range of boilies available it can be confusing to know which type of boilie to choose. The boilies and pop-ups sold by Bait Superstore have all been tried and tested by keen anglers and so we make sure to offer a great range. But Of course, every angler has their favourite with what works for them. It's generally considered that through the warmer months savoury boolies may be the more popular option while during the winter months often it's the sweet and nutty options which seem popular.

We stock some great brands including Crafty Catcher, MainLine, Nash Tackle, DT Baits and more! Our team are keen anglers with years of experience, we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today!