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DT Baits Supa Fruit Pop Ups 15mm 60g

DT Baits Supa Fruit Pop Ups 15mm 60g


Smell of summer fruit and citrus. Light viscosity of attractants to enable free dispersion throughout the water column.

DT Baits offer a selection of quality pop ups and provide the carp angler a choice between our boilie matched pop ups and our ‘cult classic’, high attract pop ups.

All of their pop ups are based on a unique natural pop up mix which eliminates the requirement for glass microspheres, whilst offering improved buoyancy, making them some of the best pop ups for the Ronnie rig, stiff hinge rig and chod rig. Finished to a regular, fine spongy texture all pop ups are highly resilient to diving birds and nuisance fish.

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Additional Information

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