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Whether you’re a fishing hobbyist or a professional angler, there is no doubt that choosing the correct type of groundbait is critical if you hope to hook a winning catch. In the simplest of terms, groundbait is a mixture of dry ingredients intended to attract a certain type of fish. There are numerous colours, configurations and flavours to choose from. These will primarily depend upon what you are trying to catch. So, it pays to take a quick look at the main variants of groundbait as well as when each type will represent the best solution.

Why should I use groundbaits?

Using groundbaits is the perfect way to gain the edge when fishing. These baits are designed to used to be thrown into the water and create a feeding area for the fish and draw them in, here a few benefits of using groundbaits:

  • They're often loaded with attractants or scented which helps to pull the target fish to the area.
  • Make it easier to fish. Get your feed down to the bottom of the bed which again helps to being fish to the area.
  • Often powder groundbaits can create clouds which will help give the fish confidence to feed, especially in clear waters. 

What are the Unique Types of this Bait Formulation?

Groundbait can typically be broken down into three primary categories:

  • White crumb (a mixture of breadcrumbs that has been milled into a powder).
  • Fish meal (dried out fish that have been ground into a coarse powder).
  • Biscuits (these are known for their sweetness and they will often contain ingredients such as molasses and hemp).

There are also active and inactive ground baits. "Active" baits will fizz in order to attract specific types of fish, often infused with other products such as hemp which helps to create a frenzied effect. Inactive baits are generally large lumps which will rest on the lakebed creating a carpet of attraction for the fish to hone in on. Once again, this will depend upon what you plan on catching.

Colours may also come into play. For example, brown is the best if you are uncertain what type of fish you are hoping to catch while more vibrant hues such as red and green can be utilised to attract more competitive species.

How to Choose the Correct Product

The easiest thing to do is check the bag/description of the groundbait as the packaging will describe what it's best used for. For example, if you're looking to fish for carp then ensure the ground bait you're looking to buy mentions this type of fish. There are three main categories of groundbait and each of these three categories are ideal for specific situations. For instance, white crumb (sometimes known as punch crumb) is a groundbait made from white breadcrumbs and milled into a fine powder. This is normally suited for winter fishing due to its effectiveness outweighing other feed when the temperatures are low. Fish meal ground bait which is dried fish ground into a powder is a perfect solution for carp, bream and tench. The final most common ground bait is a biscuit variety which is then ground into a powder. This can be employed when fishing for species such as bream due to their sweeter flavour. These can also be used in order to attract a larger volume of fish if you are not certain which species may be present within a specific environment. This type is usually mixed with other flavours such as hemp & molasses and makes perfect binding groundbaits. 

Keep this in mind when choosing groundbait for your next fishing excursion, of course you can have all of the gear and equipment but if you don't have quality fishing baits then the fish just won't take. We stock some great brands including Copdock Angling, Van Den Eynde, Crafty Catcher and more!

Our team are keen anglers with years of experience, we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today!