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DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast Boilies Dip Pot 200ml

DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast Boilies Dip Pot 200ml
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A combination of a specific berry fruit with a high acid profile, and a vapourous menthol note, the flavour disperses brilliantly in the coldest water when the fish need to be energised to feed

DT Baits Boilie Dips offer the perfect way to increase the attraction found within our boilies, pop ups and wafters and have been developed as a dedicated hookbait soak or glug. Each boilie Dip within our range is based upon a formulation of naturally sweet glycerine with the optimum inclusion of the relevant flavours and attractors found within each of the matching baits.

Being glycerine based, each of our boilie dips offer the benefits of increased viscosity whilst remaining water soluble. This mean that they naturally adhere to the chosen hookbait until after it has settled on the lakebed, increasing the food signals in the baited area and triggering even the wariest carp to feed.

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Additional Information

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