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Mainline Syrup Activ-8 500ml Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrup

Mainline Syrup Activ-8 500ml Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrup
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  • Specifically formulated to draw fish in
  • Induces a competitive feeding response
  • Thick, syrupy liquid, denser than water
  • Speads a highly attractive cloud
  • Contains liquid palatants & amino's
  • Boost the attraction of particles
  • Recommended dosage 10ml per 1kg

Pro-Activ Particle & Pellet Syrup has been specifically formulated to draw fish into the baited area and induce a competitive feeding response. The thick, syrupy liquid is designed to be denser than water, dispersing as it reaches the bottom and spreading a highly attractive cloud back to the surface. This ensures that fish are attracted from all levels in the water column and from distance too.

Pro-Activ Particle & Pellet Syrup contains liquid palatants, aminos and natural sugars all of which are highly effective and well proven feeding stimulants. The Syrup is convenient, easy to use and completely water soluble.

Designed to boost the attraction of prepared particles or pellets and to be a highly effective groundbait additive. Recommended dosage is 10mm per 1kg, but the natural attractors used make it impossible to overdose. Suitable for carp tench bream and roach.

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Additional Information

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