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Peg No.1 Mayhem Sticky Pellets 2mm 700g

Peg No.1 Mayhem Sticky Pellets 2mm 700g


  • Infused feeder recipe super sticky micro method pellet.
  • Unique formulation fives perfect pellets in double quick time.
  • Requires minimal liquid to activate pellets binders.
  • Simply wet fingers and mix until sticky.

Premium quality micro method pellets uniquely coated in a sweet binding liquid food. They need minimal water when prepared and produce perfect finished pellets in minutes.

Composition: wheat soya (dehulled extracted toasted); wheat middlings, wheat gluten, rape oil, fish oil, fish meal, animal fat.

Analytical constituents: Protein 32%, Crude Fiber 32%, Crude Ash 38%, Phosphores 0.6%, Calcium 0.3%, Sodium 0.1%.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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