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Skretting Standard Expanded Floating Pellet 11mm 15kg

Skretting Standard Expanded Floating Pellet 11mm 15kg


Standard Expanded is formulated to meet minimum digestible protein and amino acid levels. Crude protein levels in the feeds are derived as secondary outputs from our feed formulation system which means that declared crude protein levels on feed labels may therefore vary or 'float' within narrow limits. Please note that it is the declared crude nutrient levels which appear on the bag labels against which any measured nutrient value should be judged.
Standard Expanded utilises Skretting's MicroBalance technology which formulates nutritionally complete feeds for trout based on micro ingredients that are sourced from a range or raw materials. It enables us to significantly reduce the amount of fishmeal and fish oil in our feeds helping to take the pressure off the marine ecosystems from which these materials are sourced.
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Additional Information

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