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Crafty Catcher Big Hit Crafty Floater Kit 2Kg

Crafty Catcher Big Hit Crafty Floater Kit 2Kg
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Floater feeders are exceptionally popular around the beginning of spring and you can make the most of the milder days with this Crafty Catcher Big Hit Crafty Floater Kit and its brilliant ability to attract all kinds of fish. These perfect floaters have been soaked in Crafty Catcher's own unique oily attractant which not only entices fish from a distance but also creates an oily chum trail. This tempting trail of attractant will pull fish into the baited area with its alluring scent, giving you a whole range of fish to reel in. What's more, the sizeable slick will allow you to flatten off the surface of the water which will undoubtedly improve your ability to see your hookbait so you know exactly what's going on down where you bait is. You'll be able to see the silhouettes of carp beneath the water and cast any additional rods exactly where they are.
This brand new floater kit contains all the bait you will need for a day's floater fishing. You can fish to your heart's content and bank some amazing carp. A great feature of these baits is their uniform size, which makes them helpfully versatile. Their size allows the floaters to be accurately and easily fed by either catapult, or if you want to change it up and go a little further, a spomb or spod. You can use this Big Hit Crafty Floater Kit in a variety of different ways to really excel at the way you angle.
For even greater value for money, this kit comes complete with a pot of boosted and ready prepared matching hair rig hook baits so you will be ready to go and reel in some bites straight away. The boosted power of these hook baits and the attractants soaked into the floaters will guarantee a whole bunch of surface carp in your swim as soon as you cast them; this combination will be irresistible to any fish in your area. The floaters are tough enough for long casting yet still soft enough for hooking or hair rigging; offering you even more options of how you utilise this fantastic floater kit with your gear. No matter how you use it, it will certainly convert more takes into fish on the bank.
Carrying heavy gear to the bank is always a hassle for almost every angler, so you will be glad to know that this kit is supplied in a 2kg bucket, making it easy to store in your luggage and carry it down to the bank without adding too much weight. You will barely notice the kit is there when you transport it, but without a doubt you will notice a difference in your angle when you use it down on the bank.
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