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A PVA bag is a perfect way to put a tasty mouthful of bait into an area to catch fish. The bag can be filled with all sorts of dry food particles and also particles that have been made ‘PVA friendly’. Liquids and oils can also be added to the PVA bag to further boost the attraction for the target fish. Liquids can also be added to the dry ingredients prior to putting them in the PVA bag. As the PVA dissolves, it leaves a small pile of bait around the hookbait which the fish then home in on. Any liquids used will profuse around the area and water column attracting fish from all round the area. PVA bags are generally used with small pop up hookbaits or wafters as these will sit on top of the bait once the bag has dissolved. A PVA bag is an extremely efficient and highly successful way to catch different species of fish from bream to barbel, tench to carp. PVA bags can be made from a solid material or can be made from mesh. The most widely used PVA bait is pellets – usually 2mm coarse and 2mm trout or halibut pellets because these fill the bag up nicely and leave very little gaps. But you can also use ground up or chopped up boilies, sweetcorn and maize, larger pellets and other particles like maple peas. You can add ingredients like salt and chilli flakes to add some zing to the mixture. As long as what you use is either dry, powder like or an appropriate PVA friendly liquid or oil, you can experiment with PVA bags and find a magic mixture to catch you more fish.

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