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Coppens Carpco Black Drilled Halibut Pellets 20mm 20kg


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Key Features
Key Features

Professional ingredients Coppens Internationals Black Halibut is a drilled bait for freshwater fish. This professional halibut feed is based on marine fish meal and refined fish oils and other high quality ingredients. This assures a very attractive bait.Large catch To make the feed extra attractive and tasty we have added special attractants. Black Halibut is a very effective bait thanks to the unique smell and taste of this 8, 14 and 20 mm bait.

These halibut pellets are the preferred choice for many trophy carp and catfish hunters since several years.Long lasting water stability Thanks to the well balanced composition and attention for physical characteristics of Black Halibut, breakage, not uncommon with this type of product, is brought back to the minimum. At the same time this product remains water stable for many hours after the first throw in. This makes it possible to fish with the same bait for a very long period of time while it prevents small fish to take away your carefully placed bait. Its attractants leak into the water giving an instant and lasting effect.Easy to use Why loose precious time drilling standard fish feed pellets ending up with a shaky quality and a lot of broken pellets?

A perfect round hole has been extruded into Black Halibut to make hook mounting quick and simple. Especially designed for use with hair rigs this excellent bait is the ideal product for the discerning specimen hunter. In its smaller sizes Halibut is very suitable for barbel fishing as well as for carp and crucian ponds.



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