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Crafty Catcher Big Hit Barbel Bangers 15mm 900g



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Key Features
Key Features

Barbel Bangers are a new bait from Crafty Catcher that is dedicated to catching big Barbel on UK rivers. The unique pillow shape is perfect for fishing rivers as they hold position in the flow much better than a round bait. The flavour profile is frankfurter and garlic based providing an aromatic and distinctive punch of attraction that barbel simply adore. These baits really kick off a stench and we can see why Barbel go ballistic for the Bangers! Barbel Bangers are available in 10mm & 15mm diameters. The 10mm variety are perfectly suited to being fished in an open ended feeder plugged with groundbait and offer a subtle hookbait option for wary fish. The 15mm version is perfect for catapulting beds of bait and for using larger hookbaits to negate interference from nuisance species.



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