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Sticky Baits Pure Krill Liquid 1 L

Sticky Baits Pure Krill Liquid 1 L
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  • Made using real fresh krill
  • Natural liquid presents a combination of highly soluble liquid foods
  • As well as salts and sugars that drive the fish into a feeding frenzy
  • Cloudy Krill Liquid creates a hazy cloud that sits close to the lake bed
  • Giving fish the confidence to feed freely
  • Perfectly complements the Krill Active Mix
  • Not only is it great for PVA mixes
  • Also perfect to any spod mix to create a haze in your swim
  • Supplied in a 1 litre jerry can

Every now and then a particular product comes along which really has the wow factor. One of these little gems is the Pure Krill Liquid.
There are only a few liquids in the bait game that genuinely stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of attraction, nutrition and long-term appeal, and Pure Krill Liquid is one of them. The most exciting liquid to hit the fishing scene since L-Zero-30. In fact, looking at it from a scientific point of view, the Pure Krill Liquid edges it due to its incredibly nutrient-rich profile.
After harvesting, krill is milled into a mash and heated up for the hydrolysis (pre-digesting) stage, here enzymes are added to produce a controlled breakdown of the krill into a liquid hydrolysate. It is this enzyme treatment stage which makes the Pure Krill Liquid into a superb, water-soluble liquid protein that is highly stimulatory to a fish�s senses.
There�s an almost endless list of applications for this product for all species. It makes a superb coating/soak for pellets and boilies, it can be added to a PVA bag or stick mix, it can be incorporated into boilies at the mixing stage or added to a spod mix or groundbait. Its soluble nature makes it suitable for year-round use in any water temperature. If you haven�t already tried it then what are you waiting for!
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Additional Information

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